We believe in building strong communities around commonly-shared values. We want to encourage people to get involve in their local community through volunteering, mentoring, fundraising, networking and investment.

Hategan Foundation – Community aims to develop social programmes and events which will serve the communities of both Timisoara and the region. This division`s main initiative is the already-known Timisoara Viennese Ball. Established in 2012, the event is a social, educational and cultural initiative aiming at drawing together the local business community around a social project. Every year, the Timisoara Viennese Ball begins the season of Christmas celebrations in the city. Through the educational element, the BVT has already offered the opportunity to more than 1000 young people and children to be initiated in the art of ballroom dance. Thousands of disadvantaged children and adults at risk, included in the social programmes of the United Way Foundation, have benefited through the fundraising campaigns before and during the event.