The Hațegan Foundation started its activity in 2012 with the organization of the Timișoara Viennese Ball, a fundraising event for 100 children in need.

Every year, the Hațegan Foundation has managed to increase its portfolio of cultural and artistic events through concerts, exhibitions, courses and educational activities. Thus, the Hațegan Foundation contributes to the diversity of the local cultural offer in the western part of the country.

This division`s main initiative is the already-known Timisoara Viennese Ball. Established in 2012, the event is a social, educational and cultural initiative aiming at drawing together the local business community around a social project. Every year, the Timisoara Viennese Ball begins the season of Christmas celebrations in the city. Through the educational element, the BVT has already offered the opportunity to more than 1000 young people and children to be initiated in the art of ballroom dance. Thousands of disadvantaged children and adults at risk, included in the social programmes of the United Way Foundation, have benefited through the fundraising campaigns before and during the event.

The Hațegan Foundation organized the "Legends" concert in Timișoara within the national tour of the same name. The flutist Matei Ioachimescu, together with PERCUSSIONescu (Irina Rădulescu - marimba, Răzvan Florescu - vibraphone) prepared the “Legends” National Tour, a project in which they held an extraordinary concert at Iulius Gardens in Timișoara, on September 29, 2020. “Legends” brings to the Romanian public a new perspective on the classics of rock music, in the vision of some performers and composers of classical music, on three instruments with a special sound.

The national ELECTRIC tour will take place in November 2021. This is the first cultural event organized by the Hațegan Foundation at national level.

The ELECTRIC show will include in the program the first audition of the work with the same title, written by the multi-award winning composer Cristian Lolea, an original original work for flute and electronic media, with a duration of 45 minutes. Cristian Lolea's music is at the junction of contemporary cult music, film music and entertainment music. The soloist of the concerts is Matei Ioachimescu, international artist, guarantor of participation in a cultural event of the highest level, accompanied by electronic instruments, in an environment controlled by Tom Brîndș, musician and multimedia artist with a solid career. The clothing artist, Patricia Vincent, will complete the ELECTRIC experience with costumes specially created for this event.

Art Encounters, the Biennial of Contemporary Art is the largest bi-annual event of its kind in Romania, organized in Timisoara. Hategan Foundation has been supporting the event since its first edition in 2015 with a keen interest in the family activities organized during the biennial’s exhibitions. We believe that art enriches one’s life and children who are expose to artistic and cultural events from a young age, will grow to appreciate such endeavours later in life.

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Where there is no community of culture, there is no reciprocity of responsibility

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